The Space Between: Visualizing Science and Culture

Often times blogs of these sorts can become so abstract that the content escapes us in wisps of abstractions. I’m a visual learner, and as such I often times need some sort of visualization to help me comprehend–concretely–what it is I’m even talking about. This is especially true when talking about the interestion of science and culture.

What happens to each of these intelectual and human hemispheres in the space between them? Is science scrambled into chaos? Is culture rectified into order? Maybe it’s a little of both. But what does this look like? After all, this is a blog about seeing such things.

When I came across I felt refreshed by the simple visualization of this polemic cocktail.

Artist Jonathan Harris created this visualization of the interaction between culture and science as a way to try and understand the essence of each in their dynamic (or static) states.

Though it is reductionistic, I still feel it captures the sense and motion of what occurs. Visit his site and the Seed media group, which is a network of science communicators dedicated to elevating science literacy globally through using the arts and traditional scientific thinking.

-Jason Abdilla

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