Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

Curious Cloud “After the war, when my parents became farm workers in southern Ontario, I fell in love with insects, particularly beetles, and spent countless hours wading through my magical swamp. When I became a geneticist, it was to study heredity in an insect, the fruit fly. Astronomer Carl Sagan told me that as a child he was drawn to the mysteries of the heavens. Paul Ehrlich was attracted to biology by his enchantment with butterflies, and Ed Wilson came to ecology because of his early fascination with reptiles. So it seems strange that while mystery, wonder, and awe imbued our view of the world and drew so many of us into science, as we write up our reports, we expunge all trace of passion and emotion in the name of objectivity. Yet it is more important than ever to maintain that sense of wonder, to seek ways to repair the disruptions within the biosphere that we have caused and that make the world a more difficult place for our own survival.” (p. 56-7)

– David Suzuki from The legacy: An elder’s vision for our sustainable future (2010)

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