Bryan Wee

Big Sur-rogate for true home

Big Sur-rogate for true home

I chose the path less traveled. Born and raised on a tropical island thousands of miles away, I hold intimate ties to the ocean. Yet I’ve settled (for now) in a land-locked state where winter sports in the mountains are all the rage. As an immigrant Chinese male in environmental education, I find myself a minority within a minority. is a continuation of this trend. This site embodies conversations and aspirations that are critical to a deeper understanding of science. Unfortunately these remain on the periphery of academia, marginalized by tradition and obscured by mainstream notions of scientific progress. When we engage in critical thought, question assumptions and attempt to clarify the nature of science, we are treading on unfamiliar ground. This may be disconcerting to some but it gives me a sense of purpose: to be challenged, to learn and hopefully, to grow from these experiences. It is an honor to be labeled “troublemaker” in an ideological sense. My short-term goal was to complete this bio. My longer-term goal is to validate the multiplicity of perspectives that shape and color our interpretations of science. For we do not see things as they are; we see things as we are – Thalmud.

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