Jason Abdilla

Whose knowledge amounts to more than a consciousness of his own ignorance? Yet what more refreshing & inspiring knowledge than this?

Henry David Thoreau 

After wandering from one college major to another, I have finally settled on finishing my–enduring–undergraduate career with degrees in English Writing and Environmental Studies. My experiences range from writing for a university newspaper and copy editing its blogs to being engaged in academic research that ranges from environmental education to rural private-land conservation (and am now looking forward to dabbling in the science of qualitative market research).

As I forge ahead after a semester that required painfully deep introspection regarding my future, I’m finding my place in the awkward (as usual) confluence of what C.P. Snow calls “The two cultures”: the humanities and the sciences. It is here where I feel my place as a writer, a researcher, and a life-long student of science, society and the environment will be best expressed.

To See Science (TSS) has emerged out of my childish excitement (I’m just a bearded child) over all things philosophy and science related.

My posts will primarily look into current science, society and environmental issues that face the U.S. West, the philosophy and history of scientific thought, as well as any interesting research I come across that fancies my short attention span in the moment.

Thanks for perusing!

-Jason Abdilla

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